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Style- Richard Perpinan Photography



As a photographer, Richard focuses on every detail and every moment with precision. Richard specializes in stylized unconventional portraiture while still embracing tradition and culture when capturing moments and emotions. He incorporates his diverse sense of style and unique blend of culture to create timeless images. Capturing the true spirit of his clients, Richard creates a candid and comfortable atmosphere allowing the clients to relax and be themselves.

In session, Richard focuses on the nuances of the client/subject he is shooting for, making the photos the bridge between them. It is a truly creative process; it is not just the settings, lighting and poses, it is Richard's creativity that goes into every photo that makes it one of kind.

For Richard, his favorite part of the session is that moment where he shows the client the first photo in camera and watches as their face lights up. From that moment on, all their timidness and apprehension melts away creating an atmosphere of excitement and creativity.